We are the
Alberta Irrigation Districts Association

Irrigation Infrastructure including 8,000 kilometres of canals and pipelines and 57 water storage reservoirs, convey water to the arid region of southern Alberta providing water for food production, communities, business, wildlife and wetlands, and recreation opportunities. The presence of this irrigation infrastructure significantly influences the economic, social and environmental well-being of the region and provides great value to the Province of Alberta

AIDA ensures the vitality and sustainability of irrigated agriculture in Alberta by coordinating joint efforts of irrigation districts and working collaboratively with stakeholders.

AIDA promotes a greater understanding and appreciation of irrigation in government and society, to secure legislative and social support.

Together with our members, AIDA supports the management of Southern Alberta’s water resources by: 

     • promoting the use of efficient irrigation and water management practices;
     • participating in critical research and monitoring projects
     • advocating for favourable irrigation policy and legislation;
     • actively promoting the benefits of the irrigation sector.

Human Use of Water and Livestock Sustenance Declaration

In 2018 through the Alberta Irrigation Districts Association, Alberta Irrigation Districts reaffirmed their commitment to share water for human use and livestock sustenance during times of shortage resulting from drought conditions. The Human Use of Water and Livestock Sustenance Declaration can be accessed below.

Meet our 11 Irrigation Districts

Bow River
Irrigation District

Richard Phillips, P. Eng.
General Manager
Box 140
Vauxhall, AB T0K 2K0
Office Phone: 403-654-2111

289,954 acres

Irrigation District

Ivan Friesen, P.L.(Eng.)
General Manager
Box 128, 550 Industrial Road
Brooks, AB T1R 1B2
Office Phone: 403-362-1400

312,078 acres

Lethbridge Northern Irrigation District

Alan Harrold,
General Manager
2821 – 18 Avenue North
Lethbridge, AB T1H 6T5
Office Phone: 403-327-3302

199,596 acres

Irrigation District

Cam Anderson,
Box 322
Magrath, AB T0K 1J0
Office Phone: 403-758-3400

18,300 acres

Mountain View
Irrigation District

Jocelyn Wright
Box 94
Mountain View, AB T0K 1N0
Phone: 403-317-5926

3,741 acres

Irrigation District

Jason Miller
Box 538
Raymond, AB T0K 2S0
Office Phone: 403-752-3511

51,242 acres

Ross Creek
Irrigation District

January Clark
59 East 3 AVE
Dunmore, Alberta
T1B 0L2
Office Phone: 403-488-1270

1,079 acres

St. Mary River
Irrigation District

David Westwood
General Manager
525 – 40 Street South
Lethbridge, AB T1J 4M1
Office Phone: 403-328-4401

 504,487 acres


Ryan Vadnais
Box 1800
Cardston, AB T0K 0K0
Office Phone: 403-388-5147

10,766 acres

Irrigation District

Fred Rice
District Manager
Box 1006
Glenwood, AB T0K 2R0
Office Phone: 403-362-3255

34,817 acres

Irrigation District

Troy Tangedal
General Manager
Box 2372
Strathmore, AB T1P 1K3
Office Phone: 403-934-3542           

100,541 acres

Meet AIDA’s Associate Members