The Lomond Lateral is the second largest canal in the Bow River Irrigation District (BRID), with approximately 30,000 acres irrigated downstream of km 30. Modernization of the canal from its beginning near Little Bow Reservoir to km 30 was completed several years ago, but the remaining 13 km from there to the inlet of Badger Reservoir needed modernization. Problems with the canal included erosion, sloughing of the inside banks, siltation which reduced its flow capacity, and an inability to control the water level due to a lack of control structures. This lack of control resulted in excess spill from the canal.

Modernization of the canal included removal of silt deposits to restore the flow capacity, excavating the inside slopes to achieve flatter stable slopes, placement of gravel armor on the slopes to prevent future erosion, and construction of a new check structure with automated gates tied into the district’s SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) system to control water levels and measurement of canal flow. 

Work began in October 2020 and the canal was ready for use in April 2021. Engineering services were provided by MPE Engineering Ltd., with canal earthwork construction completed by Dennis’ Dirtworx Ltd. and the check structure built by BYZ Enterprises Inc. 

The total cost of the project was approximately $5.5 million and was funded through the Alberta Irrigation Modernization program.


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